Friday, June 28, 2019


OUT NOW! "The Summoning", is now available in stores and all streaming sites! You can get the new album here >>>

"Bloody Hammers have gone above and beyond here and I can't help but love it." - Two Guys Metal Review

"Bloody Hammers bring not only style but a highly catchy emotional embrace that reaches well into the next world on this excellent release!" - Battlehelm

"Bloody Hammers revamp(ire) their sound with full tilt anthemic goth ‘n’ roll!" ~ Loudwire

"Bloody Hammers is back like an adrenalized “Stranger Things” laced with occultist tendencies and epic melancholy." ~ BLASKO (Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie)

"Bloody Hammers recall gothic metal's morose beginnings and The Summoning is a true moment of reckoning for their tales of terror.” ~ The Obelisk

"Is this album the best selection for summer? Hm, it can definitely be..."
- Metal Kaoz

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