Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Premiere! See The New Video For “The Reaper Comes”

“Many Times A Band Will Release The Fastest, Most In-Your-Face Track They Have As A First Single. "Lovely Sort Of Death" Has Some Fast Tracks, But It's Also More Varied Than That...” Anders Manga on 'The Reaper Comes'

Pre-Orders For The New Album, 'Lovely Sort Of Death', Are Now Open. There Are A Few Options To Order... Napalm Records Has The Limited Edition Purple Vinyl With A Bonus 4 Track Cd. They Also Have Black Vinyl, Digipak CD and more Here

You Can Also Order The signed Black Vinyl Or Digipak CD Direct And Signed By The Band Here – Also Check Out Our Exclusive “Spirit Board Bundle” which includes 1) Signed Vinyl LP of 'Lovely Sort of Death' signed by Anders Manga & Devallia 2) Limited Edition Carved Wooden Spirit Board handmade, signed and numbered by Anders Manga & Devallia. 


  1. Entire new album was in my opinion nothing short of amazing. I never heard of this band until metal injection referenced them. I like the sound guys so bring your asses to Denver & wreck it.

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